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PURE Lifestyle Series
We are so excited about the PURE Lifestyle Series, a FREE monthly event at PURE Face Care celebrating self-development. Each month, a Chattanooga-based guest speaker from various areas of wellness will share wisdom from their field of expertise.
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What if correcting your posture is the key to reducing chronic pain?

Posture Therapist Vita Zagorodny will explain the impact of Posture Therapy on the body when she headlines the next PURE Lifestyle Series event on Saturday, September 9th from 12-2 p.m. at PURE Face Care. Posture involves more than just standing up straight. This is a FREE event!

Get to know Vita! Find out why Posture Therapy is important.
In Suzanne's Words...

"The PURE Lifestyle Series means SO much to me. Taking care of the inside is actually even more important than taking care of the outside. Strong self-development begins on the inside. It all works harmoniously together.”

Interested in speaking at the PURE Lifestyle Series?
Inquire here.
Photo courtesy of Vita Zagorodny; photo of Suzanne by Audray Luck.
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