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Owner anLicensed Esthetician

Specialties include age management, pigmentation reduction, compromised barrier repair and Rosacea-prone skin 

I worked part-time at a salon in Midtown Atlanta in my 20's. During that time, I became good friends with the Esthetician, Heidi Kenney. We are still very good friends, and connect regularly for advice. It is priceless having a “besty-esty.” She introduced me to the Esthetic world, and I never looked back; I found my passion.


I graduated from the Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics in 2006. Upon graduating, I was lucky to work at a spa where I curated my talent—studying and practicing new techniques and technologies.


In 2011 I established my own spa, PURE Face Care in Downtown Decatur, GA. PURE grew quickly, and our decision to move to Chattanooga was equally swift. 


We arrived in Chattanooga on a Sunday at 5 p.m. We visited the DeBarge Urban Winery (which is no longer there...we miss it). Later, we walked slowly through this charming city, appreciating the old architecture and slower pace. Since 2000, we lived in Midtown Atlanta, and were ready for a change. Just three hours later, upon arriving at Easy Bistro, we looked at each other and said "Let’s do it.” The next day, we met with a realtor and secured our new home in Chattanooga. 


There are many blessings about moving to Chattanooga; we love this city. It is a perfect size with beautiful hiking spots, has great food and great people. Most importantly, it is in close proximity to Florida so I can visit my family easily—and my Atlanta clients are still able to continue their treatments with me. I am beyond thankful.

My Specialties are whole body management, working from the inside-out, this is looking at your diet and the role it plays in your skin. As well as, Age-Management, reducing pigmentation (Melasma, Sun Exposed and PIH)  on all multicultural skin types, and repair and balance of Compromised and Rosacea prone skin conditions.

Licensed Esthetician and Owner of PURE Face Care Suzanne Igoe, located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
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