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Board Certified Physician


Specialties include Injectables, Lasers and Skin Wellness


Dr. Lissa Diaz is a Board Certified Physician who has discovered her passion for aesthetics while working in Emergency Medicine. She appreciates the inherent beauty of medicine, how it can heal more than wounds, how it builds communities and has given her the opportunity to feel at home throughout the world.

Lissa actually travels a lot and will happily share stories of her favorite destinations (and where to shop there). Lissa remains fueled by the passion for helping people become the best and happiest versions of themselves. She is always learning and growing herself, building on her solid academic foundation and continuing to develop her expertise with active immersion in new methods and aesthetic trends. We love to discuss your lifestyle and treatment choices, and encourage open dialogue to promote whole-body wellness!

Dr Lissa Diaz
Lissa Portfolio
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