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Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

Springtime is finally in sight! As we have talked about many times on our blog -- as the seasons shift, so should your skincare routine. Today, we are highlighting our FAVORITE products to use in the warmer months. Ready to infuse your complexion with vitality?

Image Credit: Rhonda Allison

Cleansing your skin is the first and most important step of any skincare routine. Rhonda Allison's Beta Green Tea Cleanser is like having the best of both worlds in a cleanser. Green Tea refreshes the skin by infusing it with antioxidants. It also fights inflammation and bacteria while still maintaining its gentleness. It even has anti-aging benefits. No stripping, harsh cleanser here! A must for the spring and summer.

Image Credit: Rhonda Allison

After your skin is fresh and clean, use the Rhonda Allison Beta Green Tea Lotion to balance and firm! This nifty toner smooths your skin while also controlling oil production. It gently purifies your skin and provides antioxidant support. Your skin will feel refreshed and fortified.

Image Credit: Sarah Catherine Photography

No matter your skin type or concern, sunscreen is SO IMPORTANT to your skincare routine! Wear it every day -- yep, even if you're indoors or when it's cloudy outside. Thankfully, sun care has come a looong way from being pasty and pore-clogging. Here are a few of our favorite formulas:

  1. Epionce Daily Shield Tinted SPF 50. This tinted, breathable formula actually hydrates your skin while protecting it from harmful rays. It is infused with antioxidants and botanicals while providing a subtle yet healthy glow to your skin. Best of all, it's smooth enough to wear under makeup.

  2. Epionce Ultra Shield SPF 50. If sunscreen tends to leave your skin feeling sticky and irritated, we highly recommend this formula. Meadowfoam and flax provide anti-inflammatory properties. This sunscreen absorbs quickly with no white cast.

  3. Rhonda Allison Broad Spectrum eZinc Protection SPF 22. This light, breathable formula is perfect for everyday use, even when you're indoors. A subtle tint evens out skin texture. Plus, it smells like fresh oranges! A true treat to apply.

  4. Suntegrity Pressed Mineral Powder Compact SPF 50. A hefty dose of SPF protection is showcased in a fine, breathable face powder. Innovation, indeed! This powder has a natural matte finish and is suitable for wearing alone or over your makeup. Also controls shine.

In addition to adding some new skincare products to your routine, Suzanne recommends scheduling a Dermaplaning session. This procedure gently and safely removes the top layers of the skin, promoting new cell growth. This aids the healing of acne scars, age spots and other imperfections. Plus, an evened out complexion will help your skincare perform to the fullest.

Book Now or contact Suzanne to discover if dermaplaning is right for you:

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