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My SkinCare Journey | A Conversation with Suzanne Igoe

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

What is the first skin care memory you have?

Years ago, I was a receptionist at a spa. So this is embarrassing--I overheard an aesthetician, Heidi, recommending a scrub to a client. Well, later that day, I tried to mimic her talent and told someone it would get rid of their wrinkles...Well, Heidi found out, and what did I do? Deny, deny, deny.....

What sparked your passion for aesthetics?

It came later in life for me; my love of skincare did not start till I was 30. I became friends with Heidi. We are now very close and talk as much as possible. I became intrigued with her job. She would talk about the products she used, different types of facials... I was hooked. Soon after, I enrolled in night classes at the Atlanta Institute in 2005. What was it like starting out as an aesthetician?

It was hard. I would rarely say "no" and stayed so busy! I loved the challenge of growing a business, but struggled with managing the stress. I could not have done it without my wife Laureen. She was, and continues to be my rock. She was the one who encouraged me to go on my own and believed in me. I wouldn't change a thing; I learned so much about myself.

What are some of the challenges you faced?

The work-life boundary--letting myself have a break when needed--and time management. I still struggle with these two!

What do you love most about your job?

Making a positive change to someone's skin. It goes deeper than surface-level. It is connected to how we feel about ourselves and how we present ourselves to the world. I will never get tired of helping people! Do you a have specific story where someone was positively affected by your services?

I never thought what I did was that important till I left Atlanta. It was so heartwarming to have a client from Atlanta follow me to Chattanooga. It continued to happen, and now I have over 20 out-of-town clients who travel to Pure Face Care. It makes me speechless and humbled.

Do you have a memory or testimonial that really stuck out to you that made you think, "This is why I do what I do?"

This was written by a lovely client of mine Beverly Johnson who followed me from Atlanta. Her skin transformation was beyond beautiful:

Suzanne and her team are PURE magic!!! I started using her services when she was in Atlanta and now I gladly travel every few weeks from Atlanta to Chattanooga for her services! People often compliment me on my skin or ask what am I doing to have such even tone. I owe it all to Suzanne! This is truly her passion and she has spent YEARS honing her skills to treat ANY skin type and most issues. The space is a sanctuary and her sessions will leave you feeling AMAZING!!!!

What is the best piece of skin care or beauty advice that you ever received?

Apply SPF everyday, even if it is cloudy!! I treat sun-damaged skin the most, and it can be avoided. Choosing the right skin care products can be tricky; there are so many on the market. What advice would you give someone who wants to take care of their skin but doesn't know where to start?

It's simple; don't get caught up in advertising and what is trending. It is about cleansing, protecting and moisturizing. Then when you feel you have mastered your routine, incorporate a retinol nightly; something your skin can tolerate easily and regularly. Stay away from synthetics, parabens and PEGs (petroleum-based compounds).

What are your top three skin care products you can't live without?

Rhonda Allison's Synergy A (my nightly retinol) and her Vitamin C Peptide (my collagen and elastin booster.) My favorite is Dr. Spiller's Sanvita Cream (A.K.A. Crack Cream) which has green tea in it for soothing and anti-aging benefits.

What are your hobbies when you're not working?

We love the outdoors-- hiking and kayaking. We recently started taking dance lessons at Dance Tonight. So far our favorite is the 4 step swing! I personally love to volunteer. I have been volunteering my time once a month at the Ashwood Square Assisted Living Facility on Shallowford Road and absolutely love those ladies! What have you learned about yourself while working in the skin care field?

My job is more than working on appearances; my clients rely on my positive attitude to make their day. So it is really important for me to take care of myself, inside and out, so I can present my best self to them. What makes Pure Face Care unique?

Our business is your skin. We take it to heart and put all of our energy and knowledge into teaching each client how to care for their skin. We teach them about the proper ingredients to look for in skin care, as well as what to avoid. We personalize each skincare routine and want to help you look your best!

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