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How Pumpkin Transforms Your Skin Care Routine

Pumpkin is more than just a festive food. It is actually a highly beneficial and effective ingredient in your skin care routine. In fact, pumpkin enzymes are a natural skin exfoliant; they promote the creation of new skin cells while hydrating and soothing your face. Better yet, it is also a vegan, clean ingredient! With cold weather just around the corner (hopefully!) it's important to prepare and protect your skin from harsh temperatures. Pumpkin is the perfect ingredient to incorporate into your routine. So today, we are going to discuss a few of our favorite Rhonda Allison pumpkin-based skincare products.

The Pumpkin Cleanser contains lactic acid, which treats photo-aged and dehydrated skin. This creamy cleanser lathers to reveal a lightly hydrated, soft complexion.

After your skin is all clean, follow with the Pumpkin Lotion! This toner has brightening properties while still moisturizing the skin. “Brightening” products tend to have a harsh reputation, but this one gently exfoliates and refreshes.

If your face looks and feels dull, the Pumpkin E Serum is your best friend. This botanical-infused face oil is concentrated with antioxidants to brighten up and moisturize your skin. We recommend applying at night so it has time to work its magic. By morning, your face will be refreshed, rehydrated and glowing.

Treat yourself with a mini-facial at home with the Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme Scrub. This small but mighty product removes buildup and impurities from your face. It is gentle and non-invasive. And yes, the pumpkin pie scent smells good enough to eat!

This fall, Pure Face Care is offering a limited edition Pumpkin Apple Peel Treatment. This peel incorporates all of the above products as well as clinical-strength ingredients. Ideal for photo-aged skin, uneven skin tone and aging, this peel will reveal a revitalized complexion.

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