Studying the art of skincare is part of my daily life. I incorporate my skincare education into my daily activities. Whether I am watching a webinar on the treadmill or studying skincare ingredients with my coffee in the morning or catching up a podcast on upcoming skincare trends. 


I make it my business to know my business. Here is a brief glimpse of what you will experience when visiting Pure Face Care. I take into account your lifestyle, skincare patterns, budget and goals for your skin. My goal is your goal! #makeupisnotnecessary


First, I thoroughly analyze your skin and its history—ingredients and products you are currently using and have used in the past. I use the practice of mien shiang “Face Reading,” also known as Chinese face Mapping—a 3,000-year-old practice that views the face as a map connecting each section to a different organ in the body.

 We will discuss your system from the inside out, because that is where beautiful skin begins. Be prepared to bring in your current skincare routine, as well as a basic description of your diet and water intake.


Together, we will create a treatment-based and homecare regimen that will function well for you. I want to help you create your ideal skincare routine while teaching you the correct practices to maintain a healthy complexion.


There are many components to my facial treatments. After a full analysis of your skin, I will create a custom treatment utilizing Rhonda Allison Skincare to perform a manual face massage. This increases blood flow, reduces inflammation, puffiness, the signs of aging and minimizes scar tissue. If needed, I will add some or all modalities: dermaplaning, Celluma Light Therapy, Gua Sha, Microcurrent and/or Oxygen Therapy.


Extractions are a crucial part of the facial process. I start on one side of your face and move to the other side, checking everything from ear to ear and forehead to decollete.


We finish with a cocktail of building and strengthening serums, as well as a customized treatment mask to further drive potent, naturally-derived ingredients into your freshly exfoliated face.


During the day, I finish your treatment with sunscreen; if you have an evening appointment, I prepare your skin for rest.


You will leave PURE Face Care with a fountain of knowledge, recommendations and a treatment protocol for the future.


Address: 3085 S Broad St, Suite C

Chattanooga, TN 37408


Phone: 423.414.8763

Email: info@purefacecare.com

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